SecurePort 2004 Report

On February 25-27, 2004, the Maritime Administration chaired the inaugural SecurePort conference and workshops that convened in Miami, Florida hosted by the Port of Miami.

The objectives of the conference were to provide technical training and assistance to the 34 OAS Member States to identify ways of improving security in port facilities; and to develop an Inter-American Security Plan that takes the particular needs of the ports of the Americas into account in complying with new national and international regulations and standards.

At SecurePort 2004, the Organization of American States Inter-American Committee on Ports adopted the Strategic Framework for Inter-American Port Security Cooperation as a part of hemispheric security planning and execution.

A critical objective of the Strategic Framework is to "Maximize the engagement of the commercial maritime industry in a hemispheric cooperative effort with government." Building on this important premise, SecurePort conferences are expanding to promote this objective.

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